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The tearoom

Put your feet up

Tea, sympathy, and chocolate biscuits!
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There are few things in life that a cuppa, a biscuit, and a nice friendly audience can't help in one way or another. Because of the nature of potential topics, this is currently (and likely to stay) a women-only community.

Membership is moderated - admission will be by personal vouch, and numbers will be limited to keep things manageable. If you're turned down, perhaps try again in a month or two.

* 1. Never Talk About Fight Club. Ahem. Please don't broadcast the community's existence to all and sundry - since numbers are limited we won't be actively recruiting members. Please do not cross-post between here and other communities - your own journal is fine, although of course many members may see the post twice anyway. Please do not breach confidentiality by discussing things said here outside the community - it is a safe space where people may complain about their partners, children, parents, friends, colleagues, elected officials, frickin' sharks with frickin' lasers, or any other annoyances without fear of reprisal, and breaches of this trust may result in banning.
* Posts are friends-locked, please do not make any public posts without consulting members first.
* Please introduce yourselves - a questionnaire will be found on the community page once you've joined. [When it's been written and linked! 17/03/06]
* Please try and resolve disagreements politely and amicably. Flaming is discouraged.
* No hogging the chocolate biscuits.